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Recent News Updates

It’s been seven years since the nzmaths website had a new look, and this year we are planning to make some changes to improve the way the content is arranged and the way the site looks. 

We would like to get feedback on the proposed new look and structure. We have developed a short (eleven question) survey which includes several images of the proposed new look. This survey will be available online until 5pm Friday 27 March.


‘Doing maths’ is looking a little different these days in some classrooms, as more collaborative approaches to solving mathematics problems are being encouraged.

This video describes key aspects of the ‘Mathematics Inquiry Communities’ being developed by a team led by Dr Bobbie Hunter.

An interactive module further exploring these ideas is available in the PLD pathways on e-ako maths.

A collection of rich learning activities is being developed to provide engaging contexts in which to explore the achievement objectives from NZC.

Activities are currently available at Level 4 and Level 5.

The geometry and measurement pathway in e-ako maths now includes 43 e-ako supporting the development of students' understanding of geometry and measurement.

Information for teachers is available on the Information about e-ako maths page and the site itself can be accessed by clicking on the image to the left.
e-ako Pāngarau, a Māori-language version of e-ako maths, is also available. 

The Ministry is offering Fees Funding Support in 2015.  Forms and information are available here
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Updates to nzmaths

By joining the "Updates to nzmaths" Professional Learning Community you will receive an email whenever new material is added to the nzmaths website. We will also send an email whenever significant modifications are made to existing content. This is the best way to ensure that you are made aware of significant additions and updates to the website.

Links worth looking at

We will update this space regularly with links to pages on the nzmaths site and other sites that we think might be of interest to our users. The Links worth looking at PLC is a professional learning community where users can discuss these links and view previously posted links (show links: updated 30/1).

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