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e-ako maths

e-ako maths is a new section of the nzmaths website designed for students. e-ako maths provides pathways of sequenced learning modules (e-ako) which support the development of place value understanding and basic facts. 

Answering questions in the e-ako and the learning objects gives points towards trophies and printable certificates. Fractions e-ako, problem solving e-ako, and basic facts games will be added in the coming weeks. 

Information for teachers is available on the Information about e-ako maths page and the site itself can be accessed by clicking on the image above.

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Just started here and the kids love it... thank you!

Is there an effecient method of keeping track of the kid's passwords/logon information?  Study Ladder does a great job of this.

Thanks in anticipation


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There is no automated way to keep track of all your students' accounts at the moment, but we are working hard to get funding to allow us to upgrade feactures so that teachers can track their students directly through a teacher account.

Watch this space!


I usually use the students Studyladder password for eako too. Less for them to remember and only one print out.
I usually use the students Studyladder password for eako too. Less for them to remember and only one print out.

Thanks for the information. Feeling great to read this. Looking forward for more.

Does anyone know of a way to register and set up classes within E-Ako? It's a bit tiresome and annoying to register each student individually.

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A probability and statistics pathway has been added to e-ako maths. There are currently 4 probability e-ako and 8 statistics e-ako in this pathway. Further e-ako will be added during Term 2.

Hi there, I want to use e-ako for my low level year 9 but I don't want them to start from the very beginning. How do you unlock higher level, without doing previous levels?

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Hello, your students don't have to do every single e-ako in the pathways, but they do have to do the orange 'assessment e-ako'. We believe that doing these few steps along the way will be valuable revision for more able students, and should not take them too long if they understand the ideas.

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e-ako maths has been added to quite considerably since this thread was started! There are now pathways of e-ako for fractions and place value (27 e-ako), algebra (34 e-ako), and geometry and measurement (26 e-ako, with more to come). The basic facts pathway has a large collection of games as well as the basic facts learning objects. Did you know that in the last two years, users in New Zealand have scored over 12 million points by answering questions in e-ako maths? What is the highest score by a user at your school?
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Hi all, I've been using e-ako with my Y5/6 class for a while and they LOVE it - actually so do I! Yes, it is great to see algebra now. My class all announced at once "oh cool ... they have added algebra". I had more excited kids again that day. Keep up the good work team.
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Thanks very much for the post Denise. We are always interested to hear stories about how the site is used. It is great to hear that your kids are loving e-ako, and maths!
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A new algebra pathway has been added to e-ako maths, with 16 e-ako teaching about symbols, equations and expressions, and three assessment e-ako.
New member need a little guidance
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Hi - the first e-ako on the fractions and place value path gives a pretty good overview of how everything works. Did you have any specific questions?
Hi there. This is great! New member and would probably need some guidance. cheers
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Fourteen new e-ako to support students in developing an understanding of fractions have been added to the e-ako maths section.
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Hi Andrew, I had a query from a teacher whether e-ako will be available as an app to use on tablets etc.
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Hi Shirley, The platform used to develop e-ako maths is deliberately designed to be functional on mobile devices as well as tablets such as iPads. We have no plans to develop an app version, but the site as it currently stands works on tablets and other touch screen devices.
this is going to be a great experience
i am a new member to this and i am looking forward o this
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hello i am a new member two this