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ICT Games

URL:             http://www.ictgames.com/resources.html

Level            1-4

Rating            star. star. star. star.

Purpose of the site:

This site provides ICT activities linked to the English National Curriculum. Both literacy and numeracy games are included with a wide variety of each available.

Potential users of the site include students working at levels 1-4 of the mathematics curriculum and their teachers.

New Zealand context:

This site provides a wide variety of on-line games and activities. The activities are ideal for independent student use and many of them have strong links to the numeracy framework. For example, objectives include skip counting, using counting on to solve number problems and mastery of doubles addition facts.

Teacher information clearly shows what knowledge or strategy use is being developed in each activity.

New and different:

Clear, colourful and appealing graphics make the activities on this site enjoyable for students to use.

Teachers will find the information given about each game useful as it will enable them to match activities to students learning needs.

A great site for finding enjoyable practice and consolidation activities.

Curriculum References

Mathematics, Levels 1-4

Strand : Measurement, Geometry, Number